Malay Kratom

Unlike Thai strains, where the energy hits you all at once regardless of other factors, with Malay strains, the energy is certainly present, but is much smoother and balanced.


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As one of the original, traditional products of Southeast Asia’s vast native rainforests, Malaysian kratom is known world-wide for its rich history, purity, and efficacy. South of Thailand and Northeast of Indonesia, the forests of Malaysia are the source of several unique and powerful strains of the popular herbal medicinal. Malay Kratom is one of the best-selling strains available and is carried by most high quality Kratom vendors online. There are three main types of Malaysian Kratom denoted as Green, White or Red depending on the color of the central vein in the leaf. Each of these types expresses unique properties when consumed by an individual and you may find that one is better suited to your needs compared to another.

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